Stop Watching Your Local News

We talk a lot about media bubbles, but the news you think is “neutral” isn’t neutral at all.

In Local News We Trust

“Based on the findings from the study in the U.S., long-term exposure to local television news, wherein African-Americans are depicted frequently and stereotypically as criminals, predicted increased negative implicit attitudes toward African-Americans.” —Temple Northup, University of Houston

Image via Media Matters

How the Segments Get Made

Advertising revenue for 832 local TV stations defined as “news-producing stations” (i.e. stations that have a news director and are viable, commercial and English-language affiliates) was estimated at $17.3 billion, which is 84% of the total $20.6 billion revenue for the industry overall, according to BIA/Kelsey data.”

Chart via Pew

KOMO journalists were surprised in January when, at a morning planning meeting, they received what they considered an unusual request. The station’s news director, who normally avoided overtly political stories, instructed his staff to look into an online ad that seemed to be recruiting paid protesters for President Trump’s inauguration. Right-leaning media organizations had seized on the ad, which was later revealed as a hoax, as proof of coordinated efforts by the left to subvert Mr. Trump.

Only after reporters had left the room did they learn the origin of the assignment, two of them said: The order had come down from Sinclair.

Tonight at 11, This Problem is Getting Worse

I wrote that one thing you didn’t really agree with. Interests include progressive policy, minor league baseball, and avoiding Zoom calls. Curious to a fault.

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